Phase 4: Act

Step 2: Create and Implement a Community Action Plan

A.    Plan for Action. As a team, create a community action plan using the Action Plan template that includes specific objectives, activities to meet the objectives, a designated lead person and a timeline. Review the suggestions that community members provided during the community-wide meeting.  Brainstorm actions and discuss all possibilities, consider the current available resources (people, funding, time, level of effort), and select the activities that you can realistically accomplish in the designated timeframe.  Include strategies to seek funding in the action plan as needed to support and sustain the plan.  

B.    Communicate Progress and Next Steps. Update the community on progress using all types of media. Include leaders and those who contributed to the assessment.

C.    Engage New Members to Implement the Plan. Expand your team by inviting other key community members who have specific skills, knowledge, expertise or connections to help implement the action plan. Be aware that the team composition may change. Some members who made their contributions through the toolkit process may choose to end their involvement.

D.    Assess and Adjust. Continue to use the community action plan as your guide to create a dementia friendly community and assess new opportunities that arise as activities are completed and objectives are met.  Review the plan regularly and adjust as needed. 

Remember to celebrate your progress and successes as they occur.