Action Phase 1:

Action Phase 1: Convene Consists of 4 Key Steps

  • Step 1: Determine Community Readiness. Key community leaders and citizens including people with dementia, their care partners and representatives from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors come together to determine if the community is ready to work toward becoming dementia friendly. 
  • Step 2: Generate Awareness.  As more and more individuals and families learn about what dementia friendliness can bring to the community, a desire and motivation to take action builds.
  • Step 3: Build An Action Team. The Action Team provides a structure to drive and sustain the initiative.
  • Step 4: Hold a Community Kickoff and Publicize. A community meeting serves to explain the initiative, process, and recruit additional volunteers for the Action Team or to assist with other Action Phases. This will begin to raise awareness and creates energy to further engage the community.