Phase 1: Convene

Step 4: Hold a Community Kick-Off Event and Publicize Your Efforts

A.    Kick Off the Effort. A kick-off event serves as a way to publicly announce your community efforts to become dementia friendly, coordinate and facilitate discussion among a larger group and recruit additional action team members.  If you choose not to hold an event, find other ways to share the effort and inform the media about the work.

B.    Build the Program. A community kick-off meeting usually brings together the broader community and has a two-fold goal of informing participants about dementia and engaging them in the community initiative. Elected officials and community leaders often speak at these events.         . 

Engagement Opportunity

If your action team feels prepared, you could also use the community meeting to conduct interviews through a focus group approach (see Phase 2 for guidance on community interviews)

Awareness Materials

For tools and educational handouts on dementia awareness to offer at the community kickoff meeting, see Phase 1, Step 2

Guidance and Supportive Resources

Consider having a person with dementia expertise available to answer questions and provide resources to kick-off participants