Phase 2: Engage

Step 1: Form a Community Engagement Sub-team

A.    Clarify Team Formation and Role. A Community Engagement Team consists of a Coordinator, members to conduct in-person interviews and focus groups with designated community members, and a person to enter data into the toolkit synthesis tools. 

B.    Clarify Engagement Aims. The purpose of the engagement process is to gauge and foster awareness about dementia, identify if people know how to effectively interact with people with dementia, and identify ways in which the community can build on its assets and fill gaps to provide additional supports. 

Broad Engagement

When forming this sub-team, involve people who have connections to the community and enjoy meeting others.  Invite a mix of family and friend care partners, professionals, college students and retired people with interest and skills.  They need not be members of the Action Team. 



No tools for this step!