Phase 2: Engage

Step 3: Hold An Interview And Focus Group Training And Preparation Session

Train Members Who Will Be Conducting Interviews. A training session sets up a focus group or interview process and helps interviewers and focus group moderators become familiar with questions and strategies.  Role play asking questions and reacting to responses to help interviewers and leaders become comfortable with the process. Encourage interviewers to do their first interview with a person they know.  Determine who will work in pairs with one person focusing on conducting the interview or focus group while the other person records responses.  

Review pre-interview/focus group email and call script (referenced below) and materials for interviews/focus groups.  Assemble a resource packet on steps sectors can take to become dementia friendly to distribute while doing interviews and focus groups to help explain the evidence-based process and best practices for becoming a dementia friendly community.

Interviews and Focus Groups

Check out Phase 2, Step 5 for  tips in conducting interviews and focus groups