Phase 2: Engage

Step 4: Develop an Organized Process Flow and Timeline

A.    Assign and Track. The Community Engagement Team Lead can assign questionnaires to team members and record and track interviews and focus groups using the Community Needs Assessment – Master List of Interview Contacts. This tracking document collects contact information to create a mailing list for an upcoming community meeting to share assessment results.  Decide how completed questionnaires will be collected (email, drop off, etc.) and how people will obtain new ones.

B.    Set Timelines. Set a two-week deadline to complete first interviews or focus groups and share experiences with the group.  Enter data into the synthesis tools (see Phase 3 for instructions for systems to organize the questionnaires and enter data) as questionnaires are completed rather than entering all questionnaire data at one time.  Ensure that each sector you intended to reach in your process is adequately represented and plan to add interviews or focus groups as needed.

Establish a timeline and target end date. Finish the assessment process and do the data entry in three months or less to maintain team enthusiasm and process momentum. The sooner the team analyzes the data and creates an action plan, the more rewarding the experience will be for everyone involved.


C.    Communicate Progress. Keep everyone informed and plan to meet every two weeks with the Community Engagement Team to keep the project on track and review progress and the process.  Let members debrief about what they are learning during the interviews. The team can provide suggestions of people to contact if more input is needed in a sector.



Community Needs Assessment – Master List of Interview Contacts

For additional tools that would be helpful in organizing a work plan, see Phase 1, Step 3