Included below for download is a practice tool for cognitive impairment, a decision support tool for dementia care, a protocol practice tool for mid- to late-stage dementia, care coordination practice tools, and tips and action steps to share with a person diagnosed with Alzheimer's and related dementias. These best practice tools incorporate the expertise of multiple community stakeholders, including clinical and community-based service providers.

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Clinical Provider Practice Tool

A protocol for managing cognitive impairment and guiding decisions for screening, diagnosis and disease management

Managing Dementia Across the Continuum

A protocol for treating, managing and supporting persons with mid- to late-stage dementia, including information on non-pharmacological approaches

Care Coordination Practice Tool

A practice tool to support the coordination of care of patients with dementia and their care partners or caregivers, including a Dementia Care Plan Checklist


EMR Decision Support  Tool

A template to assist clinicians in implementing a standardized approach to all aspects of dementia care within the health record

After a Diagnosis  Brochure

Action steps and tips that medical and provider professionals can share with a person and family when a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia is made

Community-Based Service Provider Practice Tool

A practice tool to assist community-based providers in supporting clients with memory concerns or cognitive impairment and their care partners


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