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Memory Loss Supports    and Services

Memory loss supports and services through specialized residential options

Banks and Financial Services

Banks and Financial Services      are dementia-aware and responsive

Neighbors and    Community Members

Neighbors and community members are understanding and supportive


Legal and Advance Planning Services

Legal and Advance Planning Services are dementia-aware and responsive


Independent Living

Independent living options maximize quality of life through meaningful engagement and community supports


Emergency Planning and First Response

Emergency planning and first response through dementia informed local government practices

Transportation, Housing, and Public Spaces

Transportation, housing, and public spaces enable people with dementia to navigate community


Communities of Faith

Communities of faith are welcoming, engaging, and accommodating to those with cognitive impairment


Additional Guide Resources

Additional information, guidance, and resources for all sectors that are working to foster dementia friendliness

Care Throughout the Continuum

Care throughout the continuum promotes early diagnosis and specialized care and support



Businesses foster dementia-supportive customer service and environments and support employee caregivers