Dementia Friendly Toolkit Overview

In a dementia friendly community, every part of the community plays a role and works together to create a dementia friendly culture.

The Dementia-Friendly Toolkit guides communities through a research-informed process that fosters adoption of dementia friendly practices in all parts of community.  The toolkit is designed to be flexible and adapt to fit a community’s needs and complement other project management processes. The four phases are: Convene, Engage, Analyze, and Act. Successful implementation of the community toolkit requires strong leadership, dedicated team members and well-developed work plans.  The time commitment for completing the four phases varies and has ranged anywhere from six to eighteen months. 

Phase 1

Convene key community leaders and members to understand dementia and its implications for your community. Then, form an Action Team.

Plan for 2-3 months

Phase 2

Engage key leaders to assess current strengths and gaps in your community using a comprehensive engagement tool.

Plan for 2-3 months

Phase 3

Analyze your community needs and determine the issues stakeholders are motivated to act on; then set community goals.


Plan for 2-3 months

Phase 4

Act together to establish implementation plans for your goals and identify ways to measure progress.


Plan for 2-3 months