Dementia Capable Cary, NC Joins DFA Network

Dementia Capable Cary, located in North Carolina, has also joined the DFA network of communities. Its mission is to empower, educate, and engage individuals with dementia, their caregivers, and businesses to create a community that is ready and willing to serve those with dementia and their families. Dementia Capable Cary has several goals, including to: 1) revolutionize the way Cary, NC views dementia and caregiving, 2) develop a safe, well-supported, and respectful environment for older adults and their families within the Town of Cary, 3) offer certification and ongoing training for Cary and surrounding area businesses to become dementia friendly, 4) provide resources and support to older adults and their families navigating the aging journey, and 5) create synergistic partnership among the business sector, individuals, town entities, and faith communities that promotes cooperation to achieve common goals for our growing number of senior adults. Dementia Capable Cary has achieved several successes, including a partnership with the local police department that has resulted in training and an initiative to support people living at home, a Senior Resource Guide, and a dementia friendly business program.